Global Teamwork - Conference agency. Our list of services
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Our Services


Global Teamwork is a specialist international conference agency. We create partnerships with our clients and streamline their needs with all organisational aspects to create an exceptional conference experience. At every stage of the event management process, we are on hand with our expert knowledge to ensure our clients’ goals are achieved.

Medical Education

Global Teamwork understands education plays an integral role in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, both for clients, as well as for healthcare professionals (HCPs). We tailor our clients’ medical educational meetings to suit the needs of each meeting – creating a bespoke experience for both HCPs and our clients.

Global Teamwork Medical Education
Global Teamwork Logistics and Communication

Logistics & Communications

Global Teamwork delivers information at every touch point of the planning process to ensure our clients’ delegates have a smooth and seamless experience. Arranging itineraries from initial invitation to onsite ground management can be a demanding and time-consuming process – we provide decades of industry expertise to create a seamless logistical journey so clients can focus on their own core goals.

Pharmaceutical compliance & audit management

Compliance and auditing practices have become increasingly time-consuming and work intensive for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Global Teamwork has extensive experience consulting and supporting clients with their compliance and auditing processes.

Pharmaceutical compliance and audit management