Global Teamwork - Conference management
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Global Teamwork is a specialist in the field of international conference management. All organisational aspects of conferences and congresses are covered from budgetary planning, transfer of value reporting, venue finding, delegate management & communication systems, travel logistics, live production, media design, medical writing to on-site hospitality services. Our pharmaceutical clients rely on our understanding and application of industry codes of practice ( & at every step of the conference planning process.

Our medical conference management services include:

  • Venue search and contracting
  • Committee planning meetings
  • Event design
  • Registration management and technology
  • Abstract submission process management

  • Event marketing strategy
  • Full live production management
  • Transportation, travel and accommodation management
  • Speaker liaison and hospitality
  • Vendor liaison

  • Social programme management
  • Design and print management
  • Onsite event management
  • Medical CPD application assistance

  • Trade exhibitions and sponsorship revenue generation
  • Adherence to pharmaceutical codes of practice and compliance legislation
  • Transfer of Value process and reporting